Act Normal: Memoir of a Stumbling Block

“My bedroom was a disappointing crime scene.”

Kristy Burmeister, Act Normal

It’s the summer of 1999. Eighteen-year-old Kristy is enjoying the last few weeks of summer with her friends. She makes a habit of ignoring Ray, a middle-aged man from her church who has been following her around, until the night he breaks into her bedroom.

Act Normal is a raw and honest journey through the emotional and spiritual aftermath of religious trauma.

Reviewers Say:

“With razor-sharp humour and compelling narrative, Act Normal is the most gripping memoir I’ve read in a long time.” —Tanya Marlow, author of Those Who Wait: Finding God in Disappointment, Doubt and Delay

“A fascinating, at times humorous, deeply unsettling but ultimately uplifting read I will (and have been) recommending to everyone.” —C.L., Goodreads Review

Apologies: A Somewhat Interactive Poetry Experiment

Following a timeline of almost 40 years, this collection of poems, flash essays, puzzles, and satire explores what it’s like to exist as a woman within male-dominated Mennonite, Evangelical, and Catholic worlds when you don’t quite toe the line.

Without shying away from the humorous or horrific, this collection focuses on purity culture, sexualized violence, religious trauma, guilt, and how complicated our relationships with God, Christianity, Christians, and ourselves can be after we’ve witnessed the toxicity thriving in so much of the religion.

Reviewers Say:

“There’s nothing like it out there…if only more first person memoir art could be like this, simultaneously silly, heartbreaking, and powerful enough to leave you thinking about it for weeks.” —Anna, Amazon Review

“I devoured this as soon as it came. Kristy is a force of nature.” —Marybeth, Amazon Review