I Win at Baptism

There has always been some vigorous debate within Christianity about baptism.  (Vigorous in the I-might-kill-you-if-you-don’t-baptize-my-way sense.)

So, what’s the most Christian way of baptizing?

Infant baptism or believer’s baptism?




What form of baptism is correct?  What form is most holy?

I’ve seen people tell a baptized Christian that he wasn’t technically a Christian because he wasn’t fully immersed.

Well, my born-again friends, you can all stop trying to one-up each other in the baptism arena (or font) because I had the Christianest baptism.

Not only did I go through Catechism class twice (just to make sure I was ready to be really, really perfect after my baptism), everything about my baptism was Uber-Christian.

Oh, I wasn’t just immersed.

I was immersed…

in an actual river…

by my father…

while wearing a Christian T-shirt…

and wearing the cross I had worn on a mission trip…

Beat that (amateurs).

My dad had a beard…kind of like some other guy who used to baptize people in a river.


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