Where am I Pointing?

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Most of us know someone who walks through life, arm outstretched, pointing up.

I walk around, arm outstretched, pointing in other people’s faces (usually, with a finger wagging).

(Reason #2,678 I will never become the Patron Saint of Thumb Jokes.)

It’s easier and more self-satisfying to show people that they’re wrong. It’s so much more difficult to point to Jesus and let him take it from there.

I doubt anyone would describe me as gentle and I’m definitely not a patient person. I don’t want to wait around for someone (or some groups) to mature into a deeper understanding of the gospel. I don’t want to keep my mouth shut when they carelessly undermine it. I want to hound them and berate them and constrict them until they don’t have enough breathe to speak those destructive words anymore.

That’s not how Kingdom building works though.

I’m not going to end sexism. I’m not going to make Christianity safe for people who identify as a GSM. I’m not going to put the fundamentalist genie back in the bottle.

I’m not supposed to, especially since I’m bound to be wrong about something along the way. I’m just supposed to keep pointing up.

That sounds like a cop out so I don’t have to fight injustice. It’s not. It’s cheek-turning and second-mile-walking. It doesn’t break the rules, it changes the game.

It just doesn’t have an immediate pay-off. We have a hard time grasping the generational consequences of our actions. (Hello, climate change anyone?) We want to see the results of our efforts within our lifetime. But, that’s not what Kingdom building is all about, is it? It’s about doing work now that we won’t see realized until the resurrection.

I don’t have the patience, or let’s be honest, the humility to go around pointing to Jesus every time I think someone crosses the line. Maybe I can start with a little less finger wagging and hand over my “coat” now and then instead.

(It sure does aggravate me when I know what I’m supposed to be doing, but I just don’t want to do it…)

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