Mandatory Year-end Blog Post

When I started this blog two years ago I wasn’t really sure what I’d do with a blog. I’m not an important person… I’m not an expert on anything (unless being obnoxious is considered a legitimate profession)… and I’m a super sporadic and disorganized writer (who has a strange love of totally unnecessary parentheses, ellipses, adjectives, adverbs, and colloquialisms). But, I started this thing anyway because that’s how I roll.

I appreciate everyone who’s taken the time to read these posts. Some of these have been hard to write, but every time I’ve thrown out something painful at least one new person has contacted me to say, “me too”. I think the best thing about doing this is knowing that I’m not as alone as I thought I was. (All right. I’m done with the sappiness. Back to the thumb jokes.)

Top Five Most Viewed Posts of 2014

When I Was a Thing

I wasn’t precious. I was just a prop they pulled out now and then so the church could feel superior about raising up good, God-fearing teenagers. The only time I needed anything, they shoved me into the closet and snapped, “Shh! Don’t make so much noise in there. You’re distracting us with all your, ‘I don’t want to get raped and murdered’ nonsense. We’re trying to preach the gospel out here, ya know!

My Worst Sin

I made a bad decision and it fed into what they wanted to believe about me. I was the problem. I was the one making them choose a side. I was the one who wouldn’t just sweep everything under the rug and play nice.

Am I Even a Christian?

I notice that Jesus never said, ‘Take up your cross and the doctrine of inerrancy and follow me’.

No Going Back

I tend to express my exit from Christianity as a single moment in time when I threw up my hands, exclaimed, “Enough’s enough” and strode out of the church without looking back.

(Actually, in my fantasy version I turn over a few tables, shout out a prophecy or two regarding hypocrisy, throw open the church doors, and stride confidently into the great, wide world while all the people I left behind weep in shame…)

My All-time Favorite Posts

Hero of the Early Christian Church {hint: it ain’t Paul}

The Bible is full of people going to war in God’s name.  How can I go around pretending my feel-good, hippie love crap could actually change the world and end violence? Because Acts tells me it can.

I Win at Baptism

Well, my born-again friends, you can all stop trying to one-up each other in the baptism arena (or font) because I had the Christianest baptism.


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