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I'm not posing this is totally how I always stand

I was asked to pull some posts out to help new readers see what they’re getting into (that sounded ominous, right?) These posts will help you get caught up and give you an idea about what you’ll find here.

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So, You Think You Know Why I’m a Christian

True Love Waits (a little while)

There’s Something About Matthew

Church Related Trauma

A Halfway House for Post-traumatic Church Disorder Survivors

Waist Deep in Hope

Where Do We Go From Here?

That Whole Stalking Thing

That Time a Fellow Church Member Wanted to Murder Me (this provides context for a lot of posts around here)

My Worst Sin

The Things We Left Behind

MST3King My Death Threats

Pacifism (not passive-ism)

Hero of the Early Christian Church {hint: it ain’t Paul}

Speaking the Truth in Love

That Time Mennonites Taught Me How to Fight Back

Bible Reading Plan

I’ve Got a Bible… Now What?

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