I’ve Got a Bible… Now What?

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small coverThis reading plan has been available for almost three years. I’m so thankful to everyone who’s let me know they found it helpful.

To make it easier to access the plan, I’ve updated it and made it available as an ebook. This way, you can always have it with you without having to come back to this site every day to see what the next reading is.

I hope this makes using the plan more convenient for you.

The original version of the reading plan will always be here, if you prefer to access it that way.

I’m also planning a second 30-day devotional that will introduce you to even more of our most well-known scripture passages and books. If you’ve got any suggestions, let me know!

I’ve been popping in to annoy the users of /r/Christianity on reddit for a while and I’ve noticed one question come up repeatedly.

“I want to read the Bible. Where do I start?”

I came up with a simple reading plan and posted it every time I saw the question. I’ve had quite a few people use it and PM me later to let me know it was helpful.

But, it was a really simple reading plan and didn’t cover everything I believe someone who’s new to the Bible should read. So, I spent the last few months working on a more comprehensive reading plan.

Who is this reading plan for?

It’s for you if…

  • You haven’t read much (or any) of the Bible.
  • You’re a new Christian.
  • You want an easy reading plan that will introduce you to the most common Christian beliefs and Biblical stories.
  • You aren’t a Christian (and aren’t interested in becoming one) but you want to know why Christians believe what they do.
  • You’re interested in reading the Bible as literature/for its cultural impact.

What does this reading plan cover?

I’ve tried to pull from as many books as possible (Old and New Testament) without getting bogged down. My goal is to pull scripture that ties into the most foundational Christian beliefs and stories. This means that most of the readings are from the New Testament.

I know what’s it’s like to walk into a Sunday School classroom where everyone is referencing Bible stories you’ve never heard of. That’s why I’ve included some of the most well known Biblical stories in the reading plan as well.

While I believe that it’s best to read scripture within context, I realize that’s not always practical for someone who is new to reading the Bible. I’ve pulled shorter readings in order to introduce readers to books that they can study in more depth later.

This reading plan is meant to be Step One.

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  1. Patrick March 24, 2015 at 6:08 am

    Heh there. Just want to say how much I have enjoyed your reading plan. I have read the bible a couple of times end to end but its great to look at it all from a new perspective. Having browsed through some of your blog entries as well and read about some of your experiences I just wanted to say congratulations. Keep writing because I think you have a great talent 🙂 God bless

    1. Kristy March 24, 2015 at 10:09 am

      Thank you very much! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

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