Once upon a time, there was a snarky Mennonite girl who realized she’d been attending a fundamentalist church full of non-pacifists that someone had accidentally stuck a “Mennonite” sign on. She skedaddled out of there and did some wandering in the metaphorical wilderness for about a decade.

Now, she’s on a harrowing quest to unlearn doctrines once learned, embrace theology once spurned, and defend the pacifist way (through totally non-violent means, of course).


I’m a former Mennonite, former number wrangler, former southerner, and current pie lover.

I’ve lived all over the USA and I was successfully run out of at least one small town. (That actually did happen. You can read about it here: That Time a Fellow Church Member Wanted to Murder Me.)

I’m a pacifist and a feminist and an unapologetic introvert.

I’m currently working on a memoir about my experiences with a middle-aged ex-hippie with untreated mental health problems who wanted to execute¬†me when I was eighteen and the theologically stunted church that was weirdly OK with that. You know, just your typical teenage shenanigans.

I spend my time reading, writing, binge watching Netflix, and indoctrinating my two daughters.

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